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We are  looking forward to a re-union with our founding member Brad Irvin (vocals, bass guitar) from Oregon/USA.   Brad will come over for a visit to our new home,  a lovely place called "Rosengarten", which is an old pub and former post station in the beautiful countryside near Billerbeck in Westphalia (North-West Germany).  We are in preparation for  our 10th anniversary 2019, so stay tuned for upgrades! 


>>> LIVE-SESSION at ROSENGARTEN SUNDAY, DECEMBER 16th, 3 - 6 pm, open to visitors ^^


"Rosengarten" (Billerbeck) is the new home for Rosinenbomber.
Photo: RbPublishing 2018​​


ReView 2018: 

January: Publishing of the DVD  Mad World Movie  and the PICTURE BOOK with Sandra & Anna Ajtner in Amsterdam. 

March our founding member Hansi Meier passed on at the age of 69. "We gotta get out of this place" was one of the many titles we liked to play together. You can find this and more recordings on our CD "The sky is no limit" (2013) which is still available. There is a collection of  photos from "Der Meier" in honor of our good comrade and friend all those year! 69 of course is symbolic for the year 1969 when Hansi started his career as the first progressive DJ in Münster. Same year "Woodstock" took place in the USA, the "mother of all festivals"!

April:   #Rosinenbomber  established as a new brand for quality clothing. Photo session at Ajtner Fine Art Gallery in Nijmegen/NL: RB Casual Clothing   

Mai: Follow-up contract with Sandra Ajtner, our Best Newcomer 2017, and her mother, manager and co-producer Anna Ajtner. It's Candy from now on, and Candy is very much Sandra's own creation: name,  logo, colors and the songs are her own choice and inspiration. "I'll show you" is the title of her CD-debut to be released January 1st 2019!! 

June: Pre-production "I'll show you"  with  Wolfgang Brammertz and Karsten Wolff at Fox Music Studios (Germany). We continued the good work we had started with "Mad World" in 2016/17 with Wolfgang playing Fender Bass and E-Guitar and Karsten Hammond-Organ and DX7 Synthesizer. Drums-Programming by Fox Music. 

August - October: The basic tracks have been flown into the Netherlands  and overdubbed with Candy's vocals, remixed and mastered by Paul Pouwer (engineer) and Dennis Rens (assistant) at the magical Power Sound Studio in Amsterdam. Sandra and her mother were most pleased about the good atmosphere throughout the recordings. Big "Thank you!" to the team at Power Sound Amsterdam.

Candy recording her debut single ^^​​​
Photo: Anna Ajtner 2018 / All rights reserved!

December: Developing into new spaces! Candy Productions is our sister company in the Netherlands for the new Candy Label. Along with photo, music and video production there will also be  merchandising  of  t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and more available. Stay tuned for upgrades! 

Karsten Bag
Karsten Wolff (producer) with  a Candy Bag. 
Photo: Anna Ajtner / Candy Productions 2018
Wolfgang Fox
Wolfgang Brammertz at Fox Music Studios summer 2018. 
Power Sound
Paul Pouwer (to the right) and Dennis Rens recording Candy in Amsterdam in October.  
Photos (2): RB Publishing 2018



B A C K   C A T A L O G U E  2 0 1 7 / 1 8 


MAD WORLD MOVIES feat. Sandra Ajtner (Maxi-CD 2017)

Cover 2017
Mad World Movies CD Cover  2017 
Photo:"Bird" from Anna Ajtner  2016 / Layout: Karsten Wolff

1. First we take Manhattan  2.Mad World  3. Sad Song 

4 pages paper sleeve. Photos: Anna Ajtner  Layout: Karsten Wolff.

Rosinenbomber Musikverlag (RMV 17-1)  4,99 €   EAN 40207964680088

Available here (via contact button below)  or at  I-Tunes (0,99 € a track) 










DVD title
 DVD cover 2018 
Original photo: "At half" by  Anna Ajtner 2017 / Layout: Karsten Wolff 









Original Short Film (5:48 min),  Polish-German co-production made in Holland! (DVD only 4,99 €)

Directed by Anna Ajtner, Producer: Karsten Wolff, Post-Production: Robert Biermann (BWM) / Rosinenbomber Publishing 18-11 / All rights reserved! 

Exclusive signed reproductions of the original photo "At half"  on offer from Anna Ajtner Photography (300 €/500 €)







Picture Book
Mad World Movie: The Picture Book 499 €
Anna Ajtner (Photos) Karsten Wolff (Editor) / Rosinenbomber Publishing 2018 / All rights reserved! 






P I C T U R E  

B O O K 

20 stunning b&w photos by Anna Ajtner, introduction in four languages (editor:  Karsten Wolff). Exclusive signed edition  with CD & DVD available in a strictly limited number of five (!) for only 499 € each.










Sandra Ajtner

appears with exclusive permission from Anna Ajtner & Anna Ajtner Photography (PL/NL). At any time of the production Sandra was accompanied and cared about by her mother.  All rights reserved! Please note that any download and reproduction of Anna Ajtner's photos for private or public use and/or sale is an international copyright infringement and will be treated as such in the Netherlands. 


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