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MAD WORLD MOVIE - The Picture Book 

Anna Ajtner (Photography)  and Karsten Wolff (Editor) 

MAD WORLD MOVIE  started with just one photograph. In summer 2016 we had recorded the song „Mad World“ with The Rosinenbomber. Looking for a cover photo for the CD, I came across that  black & white photograph from Anna Ajtner showing her daughter Sandra wearing those old fashioned Halcyon (TM) goggles. It fit very well to  the retro sound of the band and that particular song.

Welcome online

Welcome to Rosinenbomber WebSpace

See what's up 2018 : We published the DVD and Picture Book Mad World Movie in Amsterdam,  launched "Rosinenbomber" as a brand for high quality clothing and  had two great photo sessions with Anna Ajtner in Nijmegen (Holland).

RB Casual Clothing


 R B  C A S U A L   C L O T H I N G  

We are introducing ROSINENBOMBER as a trade mark for quality clothing. Here we present RB Casual Clothing, which is great for sports, recreation and at home. All pictures on this page were made by Anna Ajtner during a day we spent with two young Twens, Lea & Baran,  in- and outdoor Nijmegen (NL).




Hi! It's great you're here and we're glad you're interested in our work. To order any of the products we offer, please write your order, name and address via the "contact" button at the bottom of this page (e-mail) whilst our WebShop  is still in construction.  We deliver world wide free of shipping!! Allow 10 days for delivery! Link to Paypal at the bottom of this page. 



BERLIN AIRLIFT  1948 - 1949 


During the "Cold War" and the division of Germany, West-Berlin was cut off from the Western Sectors and supplied by air for a whole year. Children on hills of rumble were waving to the planes flying into the former capital, and soon the pilots started throwing down little parachutes with sweets for them. Thus the name "Rosinenbomber" (English: Candy/Jelly Bomber, literally "Raisin Bomber"). 

We are often being asked about our name Rosinenbomber and why we chose it.