Hansi Meier ("Der Meier") 1948 - 2018

First progressive DJ in Münster ("Lila Eule, 1969-72), vocal street artist in the 80s, father of three wonderful daughters, founding member of our band, has passed away in Trier March 4th 2018. 

Hansi (Hans-Jürgen) Meier at Alter Kurpark (Münster-Wolbeck) summer 2010


​​Hansi was an active member as a front singer of  The Rosinenbomber from 2009 - 2015 and has remained a close friend and partner ever since. His unique style and good vibrations have contributed very much to our performances, our philosophy and feeling, to the way we developed and radiated out into the pubic.

Der Meier & Lebe
Hansi Meier with town major Marcus Lewe  ​at the historical Town Hall Münster 2014 
Hansi Meier
Hansi Meier during the recording of "The sky is no limit" (2013) 
 Photos (3): Karsten Wolff / Rosinenbomber Publishing 

Be happy there, Hansi, in pop heaven full of good music and peace and love. Thank you for all the great inspiration,  creativity and good times  we shared at home and with our audiences.  Show must go on, and your spirit will be with us!  


The Rosinenbomber feat. Hansi Meier: The sky is no limit (Maxi-CD 4,99 €)

1. Dead Flowers 2. Waterloo Sunset 3. We've gotta get out of this place 4. Summer's almost gone

Recorded & mixed at mundART Tonstudio Münster / RB Musikverlag 2013 

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CD 2013
The sky is no limit (EP 2013) 4,99 € 
​​​​​​1. Dead Flowers 2. Waterloo Sunset
3. We've gotta get out (of this place) 4. Summer's almost gone