Here are some  practical and beautiful items on offer in our souvenir shop. More unique products will be added as we go into the jubilee year 2019. Order via the CONTACT-button at the bottom menu and pay via PayPal. Thanks for connecting! 

Their value is what you put in: RbBags with strings (100 % cotton) only 6,99 € 
Toy Plane
Tin Toy Plane "Schylling" (from Mad World Movie) only 39,95 € (free of shipping!) ​​


RB CUPS for hot & cool drinks:  6,95 €  each ​​​
Canvas Bag
RB CanvasBag with several pockets & shoulder strip only 49,95 € 
Kit Bag
RB KitBag (also available in blue or black)  29,90 €  
RB Toy Plane (yellow or orange) from "Mad World Movie" only 14,90 € 

Photos: Rosinenbomber Production 2018