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See what's up 2018 : We published the DVD and Picture Book Mad World Movie in Amsterdam, then we  launched "Rosinenbomber" as a brand for high quality clothing and recently had a great photo session with Anna Ajtner. Also we are in pre-production of new music. Our "Early Bird"  sessions are open to guests and visitors every weekend. And we will soon be in pre-production for Candy, Sandra's own creation and music & movie follow-up 2018!  Have a closer look and thank you for your support! Blessings. 


#BeHereNow  RB CASUAL CLOTHING: Photo Session  in Nijmegen (NL) 

We want more people to be enjoy RB Casual Clothing, so let's show them!. We asked Anna Ajtner for a photo session in- and outside with two young Twens, Lea & Baran, who have been friends with the band for several years but never done a photo session like this before.  We don't book models, we make them! And of course Anna did not stick to the restricted boundaries of  usual catalogue pictures but  rather created little stories with the young couple (see: Casual Clothing). Also she documented the "making-of" in stunning b&w pictures!  Make-up by Ewelina Marciniak. 

Lea black
Be Here Now:  Lea at her first photo session in Nijmegen (NL) April 2018. 
Baran makeup
Baran as he went through the gentle treatment of the wonderful Ewelina Marciniak (Eve's Make-up).
Great fun at the photo studio in Nijmegen: "Play for a shirt" 
Photos (3): Anna Ajtner / RB Publishing 2018


Follow-up contract with Sandra and Anna Ajtner 

2017  Sandra Ajtner received the RMV award "Best Newcomer Of The Year" which went almost unnoticed from the public and music scene. This year we are most delighted, feel honored and proud to announce an exclusive five year follow-up contract with Sandra and her mother Anna Ajtner about new Audio- and Video-Productions! It's Candy from now on, and the title of this year's production  is  I'll show you. With Candy comes our new label: Candy Productions. We're already into pre-production, so stay tuned for more information to follow soon! 

 Sandra at Ajtner Fine Arts Gallery Nijmegen (NL) 
Photo: Anna Ajtner 2018 / All rights reserved! 

The production 2018  features CANDY as the singer, main character and  author (!) of the script. Anna Ajtner  personal management, outfit & styling, movie director, Karsten Wolff music director & movie co-producer. The publishing will be on our new label CANDY PRODUCTIONS in October this year! 


Early Bird
Early Bird at Altes Kurhaus Wolbeck (Münster, Germany) 
Photo: The Rosinenbomber 


RB Cups
RB Cups hot & cool 4,99 €

At present we're in pre-production at Altes Kurhaus Wolbeck (Münster, North-West Germany) with new material, working on beats, arrangements and vocals. Sessions are usually on weekends and open to visitors. If you live in Münster or come to the area you may as well take a chance! Please contact us beforehand so we know who's coming ^^


Frank B.
Frank Brambach: Drums & PerkussionPhoto: private


B A C K   C A T A L O G U E  2 0 1 7 

MAD WORLD MOVIES feat. Sandra Ajtner (Maxi-CD 2017)

Cover 2017
Mad World Movies CD Cover  2017 
Original photo:"Bird" Anna Ajtner  2016

1. First we take Manhattan  2.Mad World  3. Sad Song 

4 pages paper sleeve. Photos: Anna Ajtner  Layout: Karsten Wolff.

Rosinenbomber Musikverlag (RMV 17-1)  4,99 €   EAN 40207964680088

Available here (via contact button below)  or at  I-Tunes (0,99 € a track) 










DVD title
 DVD cover 2018 
Original photo: "At half" by  Anna Ajtner / Layout: Karsten Wolff / All rights reserved! 




Original Short Film (5:48 min),  Polish-German co-production made in Holland! (DVD only 2,99 €)

Directed by Anna Ajtner, Producer: Karsten Wolff, Post-Production: Robert Biermann (BWM) / Rosinenbomber Publishing 18-11 / All rights reserved! 

Exclusive signed reproductions of the original photo "At half"  in two sizes on offer from Anna Ajtner Photography (from 300 €) 







Picture Book
Mad World Movie: The Picture Book 499 €
Anna Ajtner (Photos) Karsten Wolff (Editor) / Rosinenbomber Publishing 2018 / All rights reserved! 



P I C T U R E  

B O O K 

20 stunning b&w photos by Anna Ajtner, introduction in four languages (editor:  Karsten Wolff). Exclusive signed edition  with CD & DVD available in a strictly limited number of five (!) for only 499 € each.





Sandra Ajtner

appears with exclusive permission from Anna Ajtner & Anna Ajtner Photography (PL/NL). At any time of the production Sandra has been accompanied and cared about by her mother. There is no third party involved in our work. All rights reserved! 

Please note that any download and reproduction of Anna Ajtner's photos for private or public use and/or sale is an international copyright infringement and will be treated as such in the Netherlands. 


"Rosinenbomber" is a reg. pat. trade mark in Germany, UK, and the USA. 


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