B A N D   B I O G R A P H Y  



The Alliez with  Norbert Fritzsch (Drums, Vocals), Brad Irvin (Vocals, Bass), Karsten Wolff (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar) 

The very beginning at "Alter Güterbahnhof" (Münster, Germany) 
Photo: Rosinenbomber Publishing 2009 


The Rosinenbomber with  Hansi Meier (Vocals), Martin Gorenz (Lead-Guitar),  Martin Hähn (Bass)


Jürgen Hintz (Drums) 

Live at "Bosporus" (originally "Wiener Wald"), Münster City 
Photo: Andi Bayer 2011
Our logo and name from 2010 with the basic colors blue (for the sky) and green (for the earth) 
Photo: Rosinenbomber Publishing 2010


1st Maxi-CD "We can fly" feat. Martin Gorenz and Hansi Meier at Pauck-Tonstudio (Herford) with Reinhard Pauck (engineer). These are the last recordings of the late Martin Gorenz. The CD is sold out! 

Friedrich Brocke (Drums), Brad Irvin (Vocals, Bass)

Re-united with Brad Irvin summer 2012 
Photo: Dariusz Löwe / Rosinenbomber Publishing 


Roman Holy (Lead-Guitar), Martin Hähn (Bass)

Rosinenbomber Publishing established 

Maxi-CD "The sky is no limit" recorded at MUNDart Tonstudio (Münster-Gremmendorf) with Alfred Nienstedt. 

sky is no limit


Gregor Lutz (Drums)


Hansi Meier retires from the band life and from stage. "The sky is no limit" (2013) will remain his last recordings.  

Bhf Wolbeck
Live at Bahnhof Wolbeck 2015 
Photo: Dariusz Löwe / Rosinenbomber Publishing 


Traudel Hörst (Vocals) 

Dariusz Löwe (Road Management) 

Darek with Emma
Dariusz Löwe with his daughter Emma at Hafenfest Münster Mai 2016. 
Photo: Karsten Wolff /RBPublishing 


Maxi-CD "Mad World"  

with  Siggi Mertens (Lead-Guitar), LeA Berger (Bass), Inez Sannan & Katja Zeyer (Backing Vocals). Produced at Fox Music Studios (Telgte, Germany) with Wolfgang Brammertz (engineer). 


Cover MW
CD  cover from 2016 with Sandra Ajtner &  goggles 
Photo: Anna Ajtner / Layout: Katja Zeyer ​​
Siggi Mertens  at the live presentation of "Mad World", Münster December 2016
Photo: Dariusz Löwe / Rosinenbomber Publishing 


January - September: Making of "Mad World Movie" in Germany and the Netherlands starring Sandra Ajtner. With her mother Anna Ajtner  (movie director) and Karsten Wolff (producer).  

April: At Can-Studio (Rock'n Popmuseum, Gronau, Germany)  

Kasi Piano
The historically very last recordings at the famous CAN-Studio (Gronau) April 2017.
Photo: Anna Ajtner / Rosinenbomber Publishing 

October: Maxi-CD "Mad World Movies feat. Sandra Ajtner" 

Re-make of "Mad World" featuring Karsten Wolff and the CD-debut of Sandra Ajtner (vocals) with photos from Anna Ajtner, produced at Fox Music Studios (Telgte, Germany) with Wolfgang Brammertz (engineer). 

Sandra Kasi Leiter
Final day of the production of the CD & Movie summer 2017 
Photo: Anna Ajtner / Rosinenbomber Publishing


January:  Mad World Movie (DVD)The Picture Book  (Anna Ajtner/Karsten Wolff) 

Published & signed at the Polish Library (Amsterdam, NL) with an unplugged performance.  

March: Rosinenbomber Production established 

April: RB Casual Clothing #BeHereNow introduced with a photo session at Ajtner Fine Arts Gallery in Nijmegen (NL) 

June: Pre-Production Candy  at Fox Music Studios (D) with Karsten Wolff (producer, keyboards) and Wolfgang Brammertz (engineer, guitar, bass, programming)

August - October: Production CD-single  Candy  "I'll show you" at Power Sound Studio (Amsterdam, NL) with Paul Pouwer (engineer) and Karsten Wolff (producer, keyboards). 

September: The Rosinenbomber are leaving Altes Kurhaus Wolbeck  for Rosengarten Billerbeck.

Our new home in the hills near Longinus Radio Tower! 
Photo: Rosinenbomber Publishing 2018 


December: Re-Union with Brad Irvin (vocals, bass) in preparation for 2019

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